2018 Annual Meeting Minutes



Park Towers

Annual Meeting Minutes

September 24th, 2018



Jeff Bisson Meeting was called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

Board members in attendance were Jeff Bisson, Enid Gomez, Melanie Loverne

Absent were Priscilla Garcia and Bob McGregor

Management Joe Carpenteri was in attendance


Opening Remarks

Jeff Bisson-Board President, welcomed everyone, and reminded everyone to sign in on the sign in sheet, Jeff  mentioned that there were two positions available for elections.

He thanked everyone for their cooperation while we underwent the recent plumbing in issue in the garage.

Jeff provided an explanation of the proxy process; he asked all unit owners holding proxies to complete portions of their forms ahead of time by listing the unit numbers they hold proxies for.

The board members introduced themselves. Jeff explained how Melanie Loverne filled an open seat on the board when Joyce Hill resigned, Jeff explained that the by-laws provide the board with the authority to fill a vacant position for the remaining term of the board member posiiton being vacated.

It was commented by a unit owner that the board should make all owners aware of any vacated position, so all interested parties may make the Board aware of their interest. Jeff Bisson explained that the announcement was made in the monthly minutes and unit owners should can make their interests made to the board upon reviewing the monthly minutes.

A unit owner made the suggestion that after the Annual Meeting should be postponed until all the Board Members are present. The topic was discussed and a motion was made to continue to the meeting.  A vote was by show of hands was made and by a vote of  27 to 2 the attendees voted to proceed with the meeting.



Board Voting

Jeff explained that two positions up for a election, first is Enid Gomez the second is Bob McGregor. Enid stated that should another on site unit owner wish to run she would step down.  Barbara Lysobey, Dan Aman and Enid Gomez self-nominated, since Bob McGregor was absent; the Board laced his name into the nomination. Barbara Lysobey then withdrew her nomination.

Dan Aman and Enid Gomez spoke to the association about their involvement and intentions.

Jeff asked for volunteers to be the officers of election to oversee the voting process and validate the process.

Dave Sidel and Mike Valente volunteered. All ballots were collected and submitted for tallying.

Towards the end of the meeting the results of the election where shared. Bob McGregor and Dan Aman were voted to fill the open positions on the Board.


Financial Review

  • Jeff reviewed the balance sheet, explaining that the association was in good financial shape.

He explained that $174,000, was the loan for the roofing project.

  • The annual budget sheets that were distributed with the notice of annual meeting were redistributed to all attendees.


  • Jeff explained that at this time the board has determined there will be no increase in common charges.

Old Business

  • Roofing Project

    • Jeff explained the assessment process and it was still being reviewed, noting that the payment notifications will be sent to unit owners once the process is finalized .

    • Estimated Start date is projected for October 15th, it is estimated to take two to three weeks weather permitting.

  • Solar panels

    • A question regarding the installation of solar panels was raised, Jeff explained that the cost of installation far exceeded the cost savings and therefore the board did not pursue this further.


Outside Common Areas

  • The Board has researched the improvement of the sitting area in front of the building, and will postpone this work until spring.

  • The large tree next to the sitting in a risk and will be removed

  • Trees along the front of the building inset with the hedges will be removed within the next few weeks. New plantings will be completed in the spring.

Open Forum

  • Unit owners questioned why it takes so long for common charges to be cashed. Jeff differed to Commons Management. Joe Carpenteri stated that he collects from the building two times a week and their accountant reviews them once a week. If the accountant receives singular common charge payments, she will hold them till she has acquired a few then deposit them.

  • Discussion included unit owners being able to have direct deposit; a monthly withdrawal from their checking accounts or a credit card charge. This eliminates the Accountant holding checks. The Board will explore these options.

  • It was expressed that communication from the board as it relates to incidents in the building be communicated sooner to avoid board members and Commons Management receiving numerous calls to report issues. Jeff explained they will work on posting signage as events occur, in addition the Board is requesting that unit owners share and e-mail address and cell phone numbers with the board to facilitate more effective communications to residents & owners. Jeff also discussed the use of the Park Towers website (www.parktowers.net) as a potential option to provide timely updates.

  • The Lobby door is not closing properly, Commons Management will have it looked at.

  • There was a request made for the Board to look at the possibility to have a key pad installed at the single door of the garage. This could be used an alternative when the lobby door access panel is out of order.

  • The lock of the Park Towers street door is not operating properly, Jeff requested Commons Management follow up with the locksmith.


A nomination was made to adjourn, followed by a second motion. A unanimous vote was received.

Meeting adjourned at 8:27 PM