The House Rules have been extracted from the By-Laws of Park Towers Condominium Association. They have been newly categorized so that information may be located easily, particularly that needed by new owners or tenants.

Please familiarize yourself with house rules & check back often for ready reference. If you have questions reagrding any of them, please drop a note in the mail slot of our office on the second floor, call our Building Managers or send us a note throug the website.


  1. Moving of furniture, household goods, appliances, etc. must be scheduled between the hours of 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM on weekdays only. No moving is permitted on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays without permission from the Management.
  2. All items must be brought through the garage and NOT THROUGH THE MAIN LOBBY. This is necessary because large moving vans inconvienance residents or visitors entering or leaving the building.
  3. When loading or unloading items on the elvator, the Emergency Stop button should be engaged NO LONGER THAT NECESSARY so that other residents have access to the elevator.
  4. New residents must arrange for the disposal of all crates, barrels and packing boxes. Large containers must be dismantiled or cut up, NOT PLACED WHOLE, in the trash container located outside the rear of the building. See Page 4 of the By-Laws for complete details on trash and waste disposal.
  5. Care should be taken so that walls, carpets, doors, and other common areas are not damaged by careless handling during the moving process.
  6. Occupents moving out should make arrangements with the management company to check all appliances to ensure that they have been properly disconnected (refrigerators must be defrosted) to avoid possible dmage to the Partk Tower units. It is the repsonsibility of the departing tenant/and or owner to arrange for termination of electrical, telephone, TV cable service.


  1. For Security of all, do not open or hold any door for anyone you do not recognize as a resident. Our present bell system, which works through a telephone line, is activted through your telephone, permitting you to speak with whoever keyed your unit number from the lobby. If you wish to admint your visitor, simply press (or dial) the number"6" on your phone. Residents may also visually identify visitors in the lobby by tuning into Chanel 6 on their TV. (Cable TV subscribers must have a switch installed to maintain this feature.) 
  2. When entering or leaving the building make sure that the door you use is closed and locked. Do not leave any door propped open.
  3. When entering the building, do not use the Medco key to pull open the door. This practice exerts a severe strain on the tumblers and has neceistated costly repairs.
  4. Door to door soliciting is not permitted and residents are requested to inform Managers if they observe such occurence.
  5. Children, wether resident or visiting, shall not be permitted to loiter or play in stairwells, halls, lobby, elevator, parking area, garage, or any other common area. They shall not be allowed to play with the intercom system.


  1. Each unit shall be occupied by single family as a residence only and for no other purpose, business or profession of any kind. The term 'family' is restricted to the following numbers per unit: Studios, 2 persons; One-bedroom, 3 persons; Two bedrooms, 5 persons.
  2. All common charges (and garage rentals) are due and payable in advance on or before the first of each month and no later than the fifteenth, after which there will be a $25.00 late charge. Monthly bills are not rendered. Utilities such as electric, telephone, TV Cable are the responsibility of each owner or occupant.
  3. Maintenance of each unit's premises and equipment (water heaters, refrigerators, stoves, heating units, air conditioners, etc) is the responsibility of the owner. Tenants occupying rental units should report malfunctioning of any kind to their landlords, except in emergency situations (Page 1.) The choice of service contractors is at the individual owner's discretion.
  4. No animals other than dogs, cats and other household pets may be kept on the premises, not to exceed two (2) per unit. Pets should not be allowed to venture loose into halls or other common areas, or be exercised in the garage. When taken from units, animals should be leashed or carried.  Pets should not be walked on common areas (parking lot, grassy areas around the building including the picnic area, etc.). For any animal causing undue disturbance or nuisance, the owner can be asked for the animal to be removed from the property with seven (7) days written notice from the Board of Directors. Damage to, or soiling of any common area inside or outside of the building is subject to fine and any related clean-up costs to be charged to the unit owner where the animal resides/visits without notice.
  5. No resident shall play, or allow the playing of, any musical instrument, radio, television, stereo, etc., at such volume as to cause disturbance to other residents. Noisy remodeling projects should be confined to daylight hours whenever possible, or at least not be pursued prior to 8:00 AM or later than 10:00 PM.
  6. No owner or occupant shall make or permit any disturbing noises to be made by himself or any visitors whether in the building, garage or parking area. Blowing of vehicle horns is not permitted in the parking area or garage except as may be necessary in an emergency.
  7. No aerial or communication device may be installed by owners or tenants in any common area.
  8. Cars parked next to the building on the main entrance side must observe the head-in parking regulation so that exhaust fumes do not enter first floor apartments through open windows or air conditioners. No vehicle large enough to obstruct the view from the first floor windows may be parked next to the building. No vehicle, whether that of an owner, tenant, visitor or service contractor, shall be parked in such a way as to block traffic or prevent access to any parking space. Vehicles may not be stored in the parking area.
  9. Water is supplied to the building by the First District Water Department and is paid for the by the Association. Unit owners are asked to keep faucets and toilets in proper working order so that water is not wasted. Water should not be allowed to run for any unnecessary length of time.


1.   Most kitchens are equipped with garbage disposal units which should be used for "wet" garbage: table scraps, vegetable peelings, etc. Water should be allowed to run
while the disposal unit is operating and for 30 seconds afterward. NO COFFEE GROUNDS. The on/off switch is under the sink and reset button is located on the side
of the unit. Wet garbage that cannot be accommodated in the disposal device must be placed in the large dumpster at the rear of the building and in no other receptacle.

RECYCLING OF PLASTICS, GLASS, CANS, AND NEWSPAPERS is now in effect. All glass and plastic items must be thoroughly rinsed before being taken from your premises. Recycling bins are clearly marked and are found in the rear lot (White Dumpster)


Packing cases or large corrugated cartons or containers must be dismantled before being placed in outside dumpster. It is advisable, when buying new appliances, to arrange with the dealer for removal of packing cases, along with items being replaced. Our refuse collector charges for removal of such items and unit owners are responsible for the cost. In the case of installation or remodeling (carpet, cabinets, etc.), if use of an extra dumpster is required, cost must be borne by the unit owner. Again, this can often be avoided by making prior arrangements with your vendor, installer or contractor. NO FURNITURE is to be discarded on the premises or in the dumpster area. Cost of its removal by our collector is the responsibility of the unit owner and prior arrangements must be made with the management.


  1. Garage spaces are available on a rental basis only. Your name will be placed on a waiting list when no spaces are currently open.
  2. No one is permitted to occupy a space belonging to someone else. Unauthorized cars are subject to being towed at owner's expense. If you have a garage space and wish to allow a visitor to use it for a temporary period, please advise the management company.


  1. When driving into the garage from the parking lot, NEVER use your remote door opener until you are in full view of the access door. After entering, use rear view mirror to make sure doorway is clear before activating the remote device to close the door.
  2. When driving inside the garage, PLEASE LIMIT YOUR SPEED TO 5 MILES PER HOUR. Also please observe the "STOP" sign by the elevator corridor.
  3. A hose is connected outside the garage beneath the fire escape for the convenience of residents wishing to wash cars. Such activity should be confined to that area.


  1. The Laundry Room is equipped with "coin less" washers and dryers and is located on the garage level. Payment is made by using Smart Cards, which are used like cash. They can be purchased and are reflllable at the Card Value Center, located in the laundry room. These facilities are for the use of residents only.
  2. Please observe the operating instructions posted on each machine. Do not overload washers or dryers as this impairs the efficiency of the equipment.   (Overloaded washers do not wash or rinse properly and dryers so used do not dry properly. Both such actions strain the equipment, leading to unnecessary repairs.)
  3. Please exercise care in carrying strong bleach, Clorox, etc. to and from the laundry to avoid staining hall carpets.
  4. Do not use tints or dyes in the washing machines as any residue might damage another resident's wash.
  5. Please do not leave wash or dryers loads in machines after end of cycle as this inconveniences others user of the equipment.
  6. Please turn off the lights when leaving the Laundry Room. To conserve heat during late fall and winter months, the door should remain closed.
  7. Any malfunction of equipment should be reported by calling MacGray or Commons Management at 203-227-9377 Try to be as specific as possible regarding the nature of the problem.


  1.  All areas, indoors and out, that are outside the confines of the individual units are designated as common areas, existing for the furnishing of the services and facilities for which they are reasonably suited.
  2. To avoid a fire hazard there shall be no obstruction of stairwells, hallways, or basement/garage areas, nor shall anything be stored therein. Doormats may not be placed outside individual unit doors.
  3. Nothing of a conspicuous or garish nature or appearance may be displayed in windows so as to be visible from the outside. This includes signs, seasonal decorations and/or lights, vividly colored draperies or shades, etc. Torn or damaged blinds, shades or curtains should be replaced promptly. Nothing may be affixed to the outside of the building. Air conditioners should conform in appearance to those already in place.
  4. Building management has no objection to the existence of four or five shopping carts in the garage for the convenience of occupants. When used, however, they should be returned to the garage and not left outside unit doors, near the elevator bay, or, worse yet, pushed onto the elevator and left there for someone else to deal with.   Shopping carts wheeled here from nearby markets should be returned to the store as soon as possible.
  5. Nothing shall be done or kept in any unit or common area which might increase the rate of insurance of the building, or result in the cancellation of insurance or which would be in violation of any law. Flammable or explosive materials may not be brought onto the premises.
  6.  Nothing shall be done to any unit or to common areas which will impair the structural integrity of the building
  7.  No occupant shall interfere in any manner with the heating or lighting units in the common areas inside or outside the building.


Our fire alarm/smoke detector system has been upgraded in line with the fire code of the State of Connecticut which calls for such devices to be in each unit and wired through the electric system. The presence of smoke in any common area will activate a 90 decibel alarm in every unit. Since the system is not connected to the Fire Department switchboard, a call to them is necessary - DIAL 911.


  2. Exit via the stairwell nearest to your unit, taking keys with you.
  3. As an added safety measure a "key safe" is mounted on the outside of the building. This can be opened ONLY by Fire Department personnel to obtain a key that will permit them to gain quick access to the building. Residents who feel the need for special assistance in such an emergency may place keys labeled with their unit numbers in this box as well


Battery powered emergency lights, located in halls, stairwells, and garage, will provide light only for several hours.

Therefore, in the event of prolonged power outages, residents are advised to keep a supply of emergency candles and at least one heavy duty flashlight. It would also be practical to carry a flashlight in your car in the event of arriving home to find such a situation has occurred.


The Park Towers Condominium Association Board of Directors shall have the power to make such rules and regulations as may be necessary for the safety, care, comfort and cleanliness of the premises and convenience of the residents and shall have the right to bring law suits to enforce the rules and regulations promulgated by the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors shall further have the right to levy fines for violations of these rules/regulations, provided that the fine for a single violation may not, under any circumstances, exceed $25.00. For each day that a violation continues after notice, it shall be

considered a separate violation.

Any fine becomes a common charge levied against the particular unit owner involved and collection may be enforced by the Board of Directors in the same manner as the collection of common charges.