Now that you're almost unpacked


  • All Cardboard boxes need to be flatenedand placed in the recycling dumpster.
  • Recycling info can be located in the catgory Recycling & Trash.
  • Park Towers is a secure building' To gain access there are special keys that you should have been given at your closing or by your Landloard/RealEstate agent. If you need any additional keys they can only be obtained by the management company (Commons Management) and the fee is $50 per key.
  • To be set up on the directory in the lobby, you can either contact Commons Management, or submit the required information through the "contact" tab to the left. We will need the telephone number you elect to use to recieve the calls from a visitor in the lobby, as well as the full spelling of how the name should appear.
  • Parking in the main lot is not assigned parking.  Parking along the building is "head in only" parking.
  • Smoke detectors are located in each unit. These are hard wired and do not require batteries. In the event the alarm in your unit goes off accidently, it can be reset by pushing the "reset" button that is located in the elevator area on each floor. DO NOT PUSH THE REST BUTTON IF IT IS NOT YOUR UNIT ALARM. Your alarm will not set off the building alarm, should smoke or fire get into the common areas of the building, all the alarms in the building will sound and can only be reset by the fire department.